Annual Impact
Report 2021

2021 was a milestone year for Cork Simon as we marked our 50th anniversary; 50 years of believing in people; believing that everyone who calls Cork home should have a home. During this significant year we offered care and support, dignity and hope to 1,027 people.

This we achieved as a community of service participants, donors, supporters, volunteers, partners and staff working together with kindness, innovation and commitment.

The last two years, the years of Covid, were probably the most difficult of our 50 years in Cork Simon. But despite all the challenges of 2021, it was actually a record year in terms of our goal of moving people from homelessness into homes of their own. In total, we helped 69 people into homes of their own - 55 into supported apartments and 14 into other forms of supported housing. So a lot was achieved in that regard and we're planning to do an awful lot more in the coming years with a view to reaching the goal of ending long-term homelessness in the city by 2030.

Dermot Kavanagh
Director, Cork Simon

Director's Report

Cork Simon Director, Dr. Dermot Kavanagh, highlights what we collectively achieved in 2021 despite the ongoing challenges of Covid-19, and he showcases St. Joachim and Anne’s which welcomed its first tenants in 2021.

Chair’s Report

Anthony O’Donovan, Chair of our voluntary Board of Directors, reflects on 50 years of Cork Simon and looks forward to the building of our development at Railway Street.

Paddy’s story

Paddy lives independently with visiting support from our Housing Support team. He speaks about his life experiences and how he values his independence and social connections.

our impact

Our Impact in 2021


people supported throughout the year

  • We completed renovations at St Joachim and Anne’s sensitively converting the building into eight independent living flat.
  • We sought and subsequently received planning permission for our 78 unit development at Railway St, supporting our aim to end homelessness crises.
  • We extended our Housing First services to people in County Cork and Kerry, in partnership with Cork and Kerry County Councils.
  • New beginnings: 69 people who were homeless moved into independent and supported housing.
  • The number of people long-term homeless at our Emergency Shelter fell by 35% from 2021 to 2022, in part through the roll out of our Housing First programme.
  • The nightly number of people sleeping rough reduced by 45% in 2021 to an average of 6 people per night.
  • Our 50 Faces of Cork Simon campaign shone a light on what makes Cork Simon tick; our sense of inclusion, our innovative approach, our commitment to care, our dedication to ending homelessness… our belief in people.
  • 5915 hot meals served at the Soup Run.

Emergency supports

While still operating at reduced capacity due to Covid 19 public health measures for most of 2021, our emergency support services continued to provide shelter, care and support around–the–clock. In November 2021, we were able to begin partially restoring capacity at our Emergency Shelter and Nightlight service while still keeping everyone as safe and protected as possible.

Our Emergency Shelter and Nightlight service supported


people throughout 2021 - an average of 39 people per night.

In part through the roll out of our Housing First service, the number of people long term homeless* at our Emergency Shelter and Nightlight fell by 35% from 2020 to 2021.

emergency support

*Long term homelessness refers to staying six months or more in emergency accommodation, over a 12-month period.

Our Day Service supported


people in 2021.

16% of people attending our Day Service in 2021 were at risk of losing their homes and being pushed into homelessness.

Housing and support

Throughout 2021, our Housing and Support Services supported


formerly homeless people to maintain their tenancies and to work towards fulfilling their goals.

Following on the success of Housing First in the Cork city region, we extended our Housing First service into County Cork and Kerry with our partners and with Cork and Kerry Councils. This service will extend the provision of homes and support in housing throughout the South West region.

During 2021,


people moved to secure and affordable, independent and supported housing – the highest figure to-date, due to the roll-out of our Housing First programme and the addition of new homes.

housing support

Building new homes

2021 saw the completion of renovation work at St. Joachim and Anne’s. The sensitive conversion of this listed building provides 8 affordable, independent-living homes for people leaving homelessness.

Our commitment to ending long-term homelessness led to the submission of our planning application for our 78 unit Railway Street development. Subsequently approved for planning permission, this development aligns seamlessly with our focus on creating permanent solutions to end the homelessness crisis.

railway street

Specialist supports

Affordable housing is a fundamental step in ending homelessness. But housing on its own is not enough. Many people, especially those who are long-term homeless, have suffered deep social exclusion and often wish for support in addressing a variety of needs, including problem alcohol and drug use, gaps in education and training, and reintegration into their communities.

  • 42 people were supported into employment in 2021.
  • During 2021, 73 people were supported into addiction treatment and aftercare.

Volunteers and Donors

Volunteers and donors established Cork Simon 50 years ago. The role of the wider community has remained intrinsic and vital to all we do, ever since; we are a community of people working together to support the most vulnerable in our society.

We are deeply grateful to our donors, volunteers and supports, for their steadfast commitment, care and generosity during what continued to be the most challenging of times in 2021.

  • 178 part-time volunteers and 26 full-time volunteers from 6 different countries gave generously of their time and skills during 2021.
  • 14,783 kind-hearted and committed donors, donated €5.7 million in support of our work.

Thank you for your support - thank you for believing in people.









88 c

of every €1

is spent on activities and services aimed at ending homelessness

Thank you

John J Murphy Solicitors, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and AIB, Patrick Street, Cork for their professional services.

Simon Communities of Ireland for their continued support and the Simon Communities in Dublin, Dundalk, Galway, Midlands, Mid West, North West and South East.

Thanks to Ilona Kozak, Catriona Fenton and Declan Clancy at ePresence Digital Marketing for their help and advice in the production of this annual report.

Special thanks to our hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors.

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